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All Types Of Raised Beds For The Garden

Rely on us to construct and erect the perfect raised garden beds.
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Raised Beds

We have been constructing raised beds in gardens and timber features for many years and have a wide experience of the construction, design and installation of them. They are an ideal feature in any garden and especially where the terrain is featureless and the ground poor. Their wood texture, colour and visual effect can enhance any garden, no matter how small, and can create tiers and height where none exist.

About Drainage

We consider carefully about drainage when designing beds and choosing plants. Drainage issues need to be addressed during raised bed instillation in the garden taking into consideration the location and the depth of the beds as well as the sub soil and foundation. Once the planting is completed the drainage cannot be changed.

Raised beds are generally the best way to ensure good drainage. If you have a low area that tends to stay wet and you do not want to put in a raised bed, you can certainly landscape the area with plants that enjoy wet soils. It is often better to choose plants adapted to the drainage in an area, rather than attempt to change it.

The following list is an outline of what we cover but the list is not exhaustive:

  • Raised borders.
  • Raised garden beds.
  • Wooden garden features.
  • Fencing.
  • Decks.
  • Retaining walls.

Planning Permission

Finally, please take a look at our Planning Permission page that contains links to local planning requirements. Fencing can and often does require planning permission and we can advise you these issues at any time. Please call us or use our contact page here.



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